An elegant evening of gowns, goblets, and guessing awaits you for your upcoming masquerade event, now take it to the next level with entertainment customized to your special event with Atmospheric Entertainment. Enchant your guests with our roaming performers and leave them with stories to tell about encounters with Billionaires and Starlets, Models and more! It doesn’t get better than this with our custom entertainment elements.

celebrity reporter

Just as fashionable as the designers, starlets, and fashionistas they report on, they wouldn't be seen in anything less than the most vogue dress of the season when they come to your party. Everything has to be perfect, and they need to look their best while getting the latest scoop on everyone on the runway.

gold diggers

They're on the prowl for the richest person in the room, and they won't quit til they find them! We aren't saying they're a gold digger.. but they totally are. Watch out for your pockets and for your partner, they'll pick anyone they think they can get to, and it might just be you!


Atmospheric Entertainment Starlet Character

Evening gowns and perfect hair mark these well put together superstars. They are full of news about their latest projects and heartbreaks. Smiles always dazzling, what would normally sound like name dropping is really just them talking about their lives. Everything revolves around them and they don't know any other way to be.


These gorgeous creature know just how to handle themselves on and off the runway. Poised and perfect in their designer clothes, they'll be a great addition to any fashionista's party or event.


Atmospheric Entertainment Billionaire Character

The upper crust of society doesn't have to worry about things like whether or not you invited them to your party, but of course they'll be there to rub elbows with the who's who of society. Dressed in their finest (which is everyday, aren't you rich too?) they'll certainly be a conversation starter at your party.


They're out to get the latest scoop, the dirty and down low about everyone at your party, and you can be sure they won't leave until they get it. Almost as bad as the paparazzi, they won't leave until every guest has been questioned, er.. interviewed for the sake of their story. Who knows what the headline will read tomorrow?